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My life has been filled by two passions : nature with animals, trees and their leaves and painting.  Both have been separated from each other during a long time.


My first friend was called Titi, a little sparrow fallen from its nest and rescued by my father, feeding him patiently with food on the tip of a match.  Luckily, Titi was a fighter !


My father, very good with his hands, has created throughout his life, an herbarium. He was taking me with him collecting plants. I remember us both crossing meadows surrounded by clouds of butterflies! I was always taking my butterfly net with me hoping to catch them. I was collecting them, carefully pinned on cork plugs ... As for my mother, she always made such beautiful floral arrangements with flowers and wild plants that seemed very common at first.


About my other passion, the painting, as far as I remember, I have always held a small brush or a color pencil and I was always sketching, under the watchful eye of my parents who passed me some of their genes, I’m sure!


The School of Fine Arts in Toulouse counted me as one of their students.


My readings made me discover that, since the 18th century (and probably before), some artists had thought about associating the tree leaves and painting. It was a revelation, I began searching for the method   that would provide a long-lasting result.


About ten years later, sure of my process, I began to exhibit. The public, surprised by the support, seemed to be seduced by my work. And there I was, forty years old and starting my artist's life, strongly encouraged by my family and especially by Bibi, famous in the world of animal art.


A special word to my husband, who constantly supported me, encouraged me in moments of doubt and helped in every way. He had his feet on the ground while I often had my head in the stars !

Here, you can see my awards  





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