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Please find below various articles about my painting and expositions.


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Above some sections of three contemporary books about animal art, where you can find some of my works and two remarkable articles written by Colette Abbate and Lawrence Piolé, publishers and wildlife art fans.


You can also read about me at http://art-animalier.fr/becker/galerie.php or in this article on ART ANIMALIER - Artistes Contemporains - Tome 1


Press articles and magazines of wildlife art

14th festival of the ornithological movie of Ménigoute  Press Revue Gascogne  


"Becacce Passion" - Italia  


Press article  

Fabrice Toutée - Wildlife photographer





My first newspaper article, while I was still on sabbatical leave, was written by Renée Mourgues, journalist for Pyrenees-Presse :


“This is the first time that Michele Becker exhibited his works in Navarrenx. She does it in her own way, almost surreptitiously, taking the necessary time to tame the audience and its perception of her painting. Her evanescent painting comes to life on an original support: dried leaves of sycamore, chestnut, or even better, of linden her favorite.

Only the leaves having a history would matter in the eyes of the artist. "They must have flown”.

Unlike green leaves, they are more resistant and are better to capture the colours. And they have lived ...

From 1 May, the sabbatical leave she chose will allow her to develop her gift and her interest in the painting arts of the Japanese and Hindu civilizations. After a year, the artist with blue eyes who speaks with infinite gentleness, will have chosen her karma knowingly."

Others articles followed, including the one of Nina Hennebicq in the SUD-OUEST – Special Landes Edition for the   Ateliers de l’Aiguillerie, exhibition of crafts in Saint-Sever:

"Settled down since thirty years in this beautiful part of the country called the “Vic Bilh”, in the heart of Madiran, I enjoy this generous land providing the support needed by my paintings ”

This is what Michele Becker wrote on the program of her workshop open on the occasion of the craft exhibition in St. Sever. On the same program, a dozen of awards received during the last decade, the most recent being the Grand Prix of the President de la Republique in Eygurande. She is a member of the House of the Artists in Paris and was in about twenty exhibitions or festivals around the animal in the arts. Her wonderful paintings are now found in private collections in France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Italy, USA ...

In a conversation, the artist reveals herself surprising and sincere in his confessions (...) She got her bachelor's degree at 16 years old and wanted at all costs to study fine arts. Therefore, she followed her way in Toulouse. Then ... for twenty years she has worked in an office, even if it was the office of a newspaper. This period was imposed by her family life and kids. But she did not forget her artistic dreams and continued drawing, painting, especially the miniature paintings.



"I'm a fatalist, there is always something or someone who would intervene in my destiny to change it."  The Director of the newspaper where she was working granted her with two years of unpaid leave, with the possibility of reinstatement.

She is 40 years old, she finally has the courage and the will to start all over again. Trying to integrate the artistic world, making favorable and decisive encounters (...). It evolves under a lucky star.

Michele Becker paints on tree leaves (...) She works thoroughly and patiently with very fine lines, a realistic drawing (...) the colors are harmonious. The frame is elegant, neat and traditional. The result is a true masterpiece that pleasantly catches the eye.


Another newspaper article is available by clicking on the link below



L'Oiseau-Mag - quarterly magazine published by the LPO - http://www.lpo.fr  


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The Royal Belgian League for the Protection of Birds has put my paintings in the spotlight:


You can discover them by clicking the link below:





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